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Citywest Exhibition Centre, Saggart, Dublin 24, Ireland


6th March 2015 - 9th March 2015


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World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (W.A.K.O)

Europe's largest Martial Arts Tournament The Irish Open has evolved into the #1 Tournament in Europe, nothing compares to the energy and excitement and enthusiasm which the fighters get from this truly amazing event, It is a spectacle to behold and unique in its energy and vitality and definitely not to be missed in your Martial Arts career.

The Irish Open is unique because its focus is on the competitor and coach. We are there to help you. We are there to make things better for our sport. We continue to try and make thing better and are consistently looking at improving things. Nobody associated with or to the Irish Open is paid: we are all volunteers. This makes us different to any other tournament in the world today, All profits from the Irish Open are donated to the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Absolutely nobody gets paid. In fact this year we were acknowledged for raising over 100,000.00 Euros for The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Registration opens on 22nd December at . Please remember online registration will be taken down on 28th February at 9pm. No late registrations can be handled after this date/time as this is all an online system. Please revert to the Irish Open website for full details on registration and weight control for the event.

Competition Divisions

0Referee / OfficialOpenOpen19 Years & OverOpen Weight
1Semi ContactMenGrand Champion19 Years & OverOpen Weight
2Semi ContactWomenGrand Champion19 Years & OverOpen Weight
3Semi ContactMen Team Event19 Years & OverOpen Weight
4Semi ContactWomenTeam Event19 Years & OverOpen Weight
5Semi ContactBoysbeginnerYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-28kg
6Semi ContactBoysbeginnerYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-32kg
7Semi ContactBoysbeginnerYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-37kg
8Semi ContactBoysbeginnerYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-42kg
9Semi ContactBoysbeginnerYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-47kg
10Semi ContactBoysbeginnerYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old+47kg
11Semi ContactBoysIntermediate/AdvancedYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-28kg
12Semi ContactBoysIntermediate/AdvancedYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-32kg
13Semi ContactBoysIntermediate/AdvancedYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-37kg
14Semi ContactBoysIntermediate/AdvancedYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-42kg
15Semi ContactBoysIntermediate/AdvancedYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-47kg
16Semi ContactBoysIntermediate/AdvancedYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old+47kg
17Semi ContactGirlsbeginnerYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-28kg
18Semi ContactGirlsbeginnerYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-32kg
19Semi ContactGirlsbeginnerYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-37kg
20Semi ContactGirlsbeginnerYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-42kg
21Semi ContactGirlsbeginnerYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-47kg
22Semi ContactGirlsbeginnerYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old+47kg
23Semi ContactGirlsIntermediate/AdvancedYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-28kg
24Semi ContactGirlsIntermediate/AdvancedYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-32kg
25Semi ContactGirlsIntermediate/AdvancedYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-37kg
26Semi ContactGirlsIntermediate/AdvancedYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-42kg
27Semi ContactGirlsIntermediate/AdvancedYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old-47kg
28Semi ContactGirlsIntermediate/AdvancedYounger Cadet <12 - Years Old+47kg
29Semi ContactBoysbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-42kg
30Semi ContactBoysbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-47kg
31Semi ContactBoysbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-52kg
32Semi ContactBoysbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-57kg
33Semi ContactBoysbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-63kg
34Semi ContactBoysbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-69kg
35Semi ContactBoysbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old+69kg
36Semi ContactBoysIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-42kg
37Semi ContactBoysIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-47kg
38Semi ContactBoysIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-52kg
39Semi ContactBoysIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-57kg
40Semi ContactBoysIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-63kg
41Semi ContactBoysIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-69kg
42Semi ContactBoysIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old+69kg
43Semi ContactGirlsbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-42kg
44Semi ContactGirlsbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-46kg
45Semi ContactGirlsbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-50kg
46Semi ContactGirlsbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-55kg
47Semi ContactGirlsbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-60kg
48Semi ContactGirlsbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-65kg
49Semi ContactGirlsbeginnerOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old+65kg
50Semi ContactGirlsIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-42kg
51Semi ContactGirlsIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-46kg
52Semi ContactGirlsIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-50kg
53Semi ContactGirlsIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-55kg
54Semi ContactGirlsIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-60kg
55Semi ContactGirlsIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old-65kg
56Semi ContactGirlsIntermediate/AdvancedOlder Cadet 13>/15 Years Old+65kg
57Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18-57kg
58Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18-63kg
59Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18-69kg
60Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18-74kg
61Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18-79kg
62Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18-84kg
63Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18-89kg
64Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18-94kg
65Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18+94kg
66Semi ContactWoMenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18-50kg
67Semi ContactWoMenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18-55kg
68Semi ContactWoMenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18-60kg
69Semi ContactWoMenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18-65kg
70Semi ContactWoMenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18-70kg
71Semi ContactWoMenBrown/Black (Advanced)Junior 16 < 18+70kg
72Semi Contact MenWhite (Beginner)19 Years & Over-70kg
73Semi Contact MenWhite (Beginner)19 Years & Over-80kg
74Semi Contact MenWhite (Beginner)19 Years & Over+80kg
75Semi Contact MenGreen (Intermediate)19 Years & Over-70kg
76Semi Contact MenGreen (Intermediate)19 Years & Over-80kg
77Semi Contact MenGreen (Intermediate)19 Years & Over+80kg
78Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over-57kg
79Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over-63kg
80Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over-69kg
81Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over-74kg
82Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over-79kg
83Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over-84kg
84Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over-89kg
85Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over-94kg
86Semi Contact MenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over+94kg
87Semi Contact MenVeterans + 35 yrs of age19 Years & Over-74kg
88Semi Contact MenVeterans + 35 yrs of age19 Years & Over+74kg
89Semi ContactWoMenWhite (Beginner)19 Years & Over-65kg
90Semi ContactWoMenWhite (Beginner)19 Years & Over+65kg
91Semi ContactWoMenGreen (Intermediate)19 Years & Over-65kg
92Semi ContactWoMenGreen (Intermediate)19 Years & Over+65kg
93Semi ContactWoMenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over-50kg
94Semi ContactWoMenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over-55kg
95Semi ContactWoMenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over-60kg
96Semi ContactWoMenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over-65kg
97Semi ContactWoMenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over-70kg
98Semi ContactWoMenBrown/Black (Advanced)19 Years & Over+70kg
99Light Contact MenNovice19 Years & Over-60kg
100Light Contact MenNovice19 Years & Over-70kg
101Light Contact MenNovice19 Years & Over-80kg
102Light Contact MenNovice19 Years & Over-90kg
103Light Contact MenNovice19 Years & Over+90kg
104Light Contact MenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over-57kg
105Light Contact MenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over-63kg
106Light Contact MenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over-69kg
107Light Contact MenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over-74kg
108Light Contact MenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over-79kg
109Light Contact MenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over-84kg
110Light Contact MenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over-89kg
111Light Contact MenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over-94kg
112Light Contact MenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over+94kg
113Light Contact WomenNovice19 Years & Over-55kg
114Light Contact WomenNovice19 Years & Over-65kg
115Light Contact WomenNovice19 Years & Over+65kg
116Light Contact WomenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over-50kg
117Light Contact WomenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over-55kg
118Light ContactWoMenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over-60kg
119Light Contact WomenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over-65kg
120Light ContactWoMenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over-70kg
121Light ContactWoMenIntermediate/Advanced19 Years & Over+70kg
122Full ContactMenAdvanced19 Years & Over-54kg
123Full ContactMenAdvanced19 Years & Over-57kg
124Full ContactMenAdvanced19 Years & Over-60kg
125Full ContactMenAdvanced19 Years & Over-63.5kg
126Full ContactMenAdvanced19 Years & Over-67kg
127Full ContactMenAdvanced19 Years & Over-71kg
128Full ContactMenAdvanced19 Years & Over-75kg
129Full ContactMenAdvanced19 Years & Over-81kg
130Full ContactMenAdvanced19 Years & Over-86kg
131Full ContactMenAdvanced19 Years & Over-91kg
132Full ContactMenAdvanced19 Years & Over+91kg
133Full ContactWomenAdvanced19 Years & Over-48kg
134Full ContactWomenAdvanced19 Years & Over-52kg
135Full ContactWomenAdvanced19 Years & Over-56kg
136Full ContactWomenAdvanced19 Years & Over-60kg
137Full ContactWomenAdvanced19 Years & Over-65kg
139FormsBoysTraditional Hard StyleYounger Cadet <12 - Years OldOpen Weight
140FormsGirlsTraditional Hard StyleYounger Cadet <12 - Years OldOpen Weight
141FormsBoysTraditional Hard StyleOlder Cadet 13/16 Years OldOpen Weight
142FormsGirlsTraditional Hard StyleOlder Cadet 13/16 Years OldOpen Weight
143FormsWomenTraditional Hard StyleJunior 16 < 18Open Weight
144FormsMenTraditional Hard StyleJunior 16 < 18Open Weight
145FormsWomenOpen Hand FormJunior 16 < 18Open Weight
146FormsMenOpen Hand FormJunior 16 < 18Open Weight
149FormsBoysTraditional Hard Style19 Years & OverOpen Weight
150FormsGirlsTraditional Hard Style19 Years & OverOpen Weight
151FormsGirlsOpen Hand Form (Musical)Younger Cadet <12 - Years OldOpen Weight
152FormsBoysOpen Hand Form (Musical)Younger Cadet <12 - Years OldOpen Weight
155FormsGirlsOpen Hand FormOlder Cadet 13/16 Years OldOpen Weight
156FormsBoysOpen Hand FormOlder Cadet 13/16 Years OldOpen Weight
159FormsWomenOpen Hand Form19 Years & OverOpen Weight
160FormsMenOpen Hand Form19 Years & OverOpen Weight
163FormsTeamSyncronised FormsYounger Cadet <12 - Years OldOpen Weight
164FormsTeamSyncronised FormsOlder Cadet 13/16 Years OldOpen Weight
165FormsTeamSyncronised FormsJunior 16 < 18Open Weight
166FormsTeamSyncronised Forms19 Years & OverOpen Weight
167Point FightingMixedTeam Event (3 boy 1 girl)20 Years & OverOpen Weight
168Full ContactWomenAdvanced19 Years & Over-70kg
169Full ContactWomenAdvanced20 Years & Over.+70kg
170FormsMixedTraditional Hard StyleVeterans + 35 yrs Years & OverOpen Weight
171FormsMixedTraditional WeaponsYounger Cadet <12 - Years OldOpen Weight
172FormsMixedTraditional WeaponsOlder Cadet 13/15 Years OldOpen Weight
173FormsMixedTraditional WeaponsJunior 16 < 18Open Weight
174FormsMixedTraditional Weapons19 Years & OverOpen Weight
175FormsMixedTraditional WeaponsVeterans + 35 yrs Years & OverOpen Weight
176FormsMixedTraditional Teams Synchronised ( 3 )Younger Cadet <12 - Years OldOpen Weight
177FormsMixedTraditional Teams Synchronised ( 3 )Older Cadet 13/15 Years OldOpen Weight
178FormsMixedTraditional Teams Synchronised ( 3 )Junior 16 < 18Open Weight
179FormsMixedTraditional Teams Synchronised ( 3 )19 Years & OverOpen Weight
180FormsGirlsMusical WeaponsYounger Cadet <12 - Years OldOpen Weight
181FormsBoysMusical WeaponsYounger Cadet <12 - Years OldOpen Weight
182FormsGirlsMusical WeaponsOlder Cadet 13/15 Years OldOpen Weight
183FormsBoysMusical WeaponsOlder Cadet 13/15 Years OldOpen Weight
184FormsGirlsMusical WeaponsJunior 16 < 18Open Weight
185FormsBoysMusical WeaponsJunior 16 < 18Open Weight
186FormsWomenMusical Weapons19 Years & OverOpen Weight
187FormsMenMusical Weapons19 Years & OverOpen Weight